Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catalog Sneek Peak

Here is a very brief sneak peak!! I am so excited about what is coming.

Okay here is my almost yearly entry!! Ya think I could find a little more time here and there to keep this a little more current. Anyway, Wow I am taking a big step for GiddyUp Tailored Western Wear. I am going wholesale with a few collections. The picture above is the catalog front. I am really excited. I will be showing at the Seattle Gift Show Aug. 22-25th It may not be the most ideal location for my products, but I want to just get my feet wet a bit. I really had my heart set on the the WESA show at Denver in Sept. this year, but it is super bad timing for my family, as it is our local fair and my kids take their animals they have been working on all Summer. Not good time for me.

I am showing you just a few of the pictures, that I took, that are in my catalog. My catalog will be posted on my website very soon. It not up right now. Here is a couple more pictures

I am VERY lucky to have such a beautiful friend who agreed to be my model for this collection. Thank You Toscia!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cowboy Marketplace Las Vegas 2008

I was crazy enough this year to build up my inventory and have a booth during the 50th NFR at Las Vegas this year. I was located in Mandalay Bay Convention Center that hosted the Cowboy Marketplace shopping spectacular. It was a good first year for me. Traffic was reported to be slower than years past from vendors that have attended in the previous years. Some vendors even reported that sales were down 30-40% with the slowed economy. I will give it another year sales for me weren't off the charts, but it was fun and if the economy gets in full swing again I would love to see the traffic that comes through during this landmark event. All in all the show was fun, I met a ton of great people and gathered various business cards for future contacts.

Bareback Pad WINNERS

These girls worked very hard at the NBHA Finals in Pasco Washington this summer. Congrats Girls!!! I was very pleased to have sponsored my custom bareback pads to each girl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bareback Saddle Pads

I have been busy this spring. I have been going to Quarter Horse Shows, Brand4 Barrel Racing Finals, and the WANBHA Finals (another barrel racing).

I have been really wanting to promote my bareback pads. I have had tons of positive comments at every event that I have been to. Here is look at them.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shinning Knight

This showmanship outfit is now complete. It is in the hands of it owner, it fits her great, and she loves it. Thank You Ashley Knight for supporting my business.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From Drawing To Almost Wearable

This is a little project for a young lady in Colville. We met at a Quarter Horse show in Moses Lake Washington. She drew me a picture of what she wanted, and now I am trying to make it a reality for her. She has chosen an all white showmanship outfit. We have pants with a side zipper, wide waist band with no belt loops, and a simple straight leg. (picture coming soon)

Then the has been very fun so far. It is also white, but it has bright yellow and orange lamb leather. I am still waiting for the Swarovski rhinestone zipper, Sun, Citrine, and Crystal Ab rhinestones. The orange and yellow leather applique pieces will be covered with matching rhinestones, and the white leather will be sprinkled with the crystal abs.

The sleeves are coming along, they are going to be all white so I have rim set some 30ss Crystal ab Swarovski rhinestones. The rhinestones are first put in place with a drop of super glue, set into place with tweezers, rims set on with tweezers, rims tapped with a wooden hammer, and then set permanently with a hand press. The cuffs are going to removable, and they are over sized french cuffs(picture coming soon) trimmed in orange, and will have tons of rhinestones too.

This showmanship outfit should be done soon, and when it is there will be a completed photo added to show it off.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Class Project

I realize that it has been a long time since I completed the class in New Mexico. However, with continuing computer and camera problems I have been very challenged. ( I still don't have my own computer.....buming off my husband whenever it is free)

I had a great time learning from Kathleen Fasanella in her New Mexico shop. It was 4 days of very intense learning, which I loved every minute. Here is the break down of my class, I used some of the following information from Kathleens site.

Day one:
The first day, we copied the pattern that Kathleen had worked so hard to correct, from one of my patterns that I had sent her before the class started. I wasn't the only student, Jane was the other person, and she is opening up the market for designer motor cycle chaps and jackets. We spent all day tracing, then measuring, marking, and cutting out our new perfect patterns. Do you all realize how important ONE SINGLE PENCIL MARK WIDTH is during the pattern drafting phase. It is amazing how it will continue to cause ALOT of problems along the way. The pattern making process is soo interersting because did you know you can "walk a pattern" Yeah they work much better with a little exercise....... There is a wonderful concept that is used for pattern making, color coding... every little pattern piece depending on what it is used for has a "standard" issued color. True pattern paper is great stuff (oak tag, Manila type heavy paper), I didn't even know that the crappy tissue stuff really isn't standard.

Day Two:

We designed our own jacket, using the new pattern as a guide and jazzed them up a bit. Jazzing my jacket up a bit was a real pain when it came to sewing. All of the curves and points, everything was sewn turned and then top stitched to the jacket. So think about turning all of the little swirls with all their little points......During this process of drafting out new pattern that compliments our first patterns, I realized that pattern makers should like for sure,,,,for sure,,,,, get way more credit. IT IS REALLY HARD STUFF.

Day Three:
The following information is directly from kathleens site....

"We spent Saturday cutting. First was learning the proper way to lay out a pattern on leather and suedes which necessitated a description of nap directions on leather. Then we cut linings, fusibles and contrasts. It was during cutting that they fell in love with the pattern paper. Jane had already decided she liked it and ordered some online the night before but the cutting process is what really convinced them. The ease and facility of using oak tag to trace the pieces, mark and cut them just doesn't compare to tissue or flimsy paper. Poster board won't work either; the edges are too thick and they rumple without a hard edge. Actually, it was about day three when they decided they really liked the tools. Nice tools just make the job so much easier. Continuing on, once cut, the pieces were fused, marked and bundled into sewing order. This entailed a description of sewing order processes. I don't think they believed me at the time but I've always considered a jacket to be mostly completed by the time it's cut, fused, marked and sorted. The sewing part is all down hill."

Day Four:

Sunday we spent sewing. Remember the pencil lines I was talking about earlier. well lines not being cut away were a constant problem as the job progressed. Time after time the concept was reiterated as seams were off a pencil width (or two for duplicates). I realize many of you don't consider that an issue but exact precision is required or those yokes aren't going to line up. If everyone in the process didn't cut the lines away, you'd be off by a lot more than 1/32nd of an inch. Try an 1/8th or 1/4"! You may even think the latter two aren't bad but as an example, there's no way your welt pockets are going to come out right or your yokes to match across the fronts (see below).

Anyway here is some picture of me during the class, and with my jacket almost completely finished.